A cover letter is one of the most important piece of document which play a major role in deciding whether or not a person gets a particular job or not. 

Cover letters are documents which are attached with resumes and sent to the employer or recruiter. 

These documents consist of the receiver’s name, post and address along with a brief application for the job position.  

Any cover letter is different from the resume as a resume is more of a point by point discussion of the applicant’s skills and qualifications. 

Writing a cover letter may be no piece of cake as it acts as a deciding factor and can significantly affect the course of one’s career.  

Hence a cover letter must be written with precision and after spending some quality time in framing it correctly without any errors.  

A person must be sure of the kind of pattern or format that must be followed while drafting this important document. 

– Start by giving the name, position in the company of the person to whom the letter is addressed, which in most cases is the recruiter.

– This should be followed by the name and address of the company or its head office on the extreme left of the document sheet.

– After giving the salutation in the form of ‘Respected Sir’ etc. The letter must start.

– The body of the letter must inform the recruiter of the interest of the candidate in the job position. The exact name of the position should be written here.

– A brief description of the points that make the candidate suitable for the job must take up the body of the letter. But everything must be brief.

– After the main body, a statement like ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Thanking you’ should be followed by the name or signature of the sender.