Best Resume Examples Philippines [Word]

Resume Examples Philippines

A Resume Examples Philippines acts as a showcase for the professional skills that you can sell to the potential employer in style. This document has to be no longer than a page or two and hence many resume writers find themselves in a fix as they cannot understand what to include in the document and what not to; what should come first and what later etc.

Our team of experts always recommends the use of the current standard format of resume writing. Every job position is unique and hence résumé for every single job position may have a different format. We are committed to providing you with the latest standard resume format for your dream job. Let us here ponder upon a few elements common to any résumé and learn how to format a job-winning document.

Resume Examples Philippines

Resume Examples Philippines

How To Write Resume Examples Philippines

Contact details you expect a call for an interview from the potential employer, give your correct and complete contact details at the beginning at the top. We recommend left alignment for this section. You can format your contact details in central alignment also. But avoid the right alignment.

(i) Write your full name on the first line. You can make it bold and keep the font size larger than the other lines.

(ii) Then comes the street address. (Street number and name)

(iii) Write the name of your city and state followed by the ZIP code

(iv) Give your contact number/s. You can give your landline number or cell phone number or even both.

(v) Write your e-mail address. It’s high time you had a professional e-mail address that carries your name. So [email protected] is ideal and not [email protected]

So, your contact details should look something like this:

Anna Williams

104, Esteemed Avenue Philippines



Email: [email protected]

Job or Profile Objective

This is the section where the applicant can catch the eye of the potential employer at the outset. This is an objective statement that comes right after the contact details in the document.

Through this statement, the employer should get to know how the applicant looks at the job position he or she is applying for. To put it simply, the job objective is much like a TV commercial; short, precise, and to the point.

It should be no longer than three to four lines. You can use adjectives to describe the qualities which employers are looking for. Here follows a powerful job objective statement:

A motivated and dedicated candidate with an innate passion for teaching and extensive knowledge in the field of English language teaching (ELT) seeks employment as an English Language Trainer in a reputed training institute where imparting knowledge in an entirely professional setup would be a pleasure.

Summary of Qualifications

This will be the list of relevant skills and qualities that the applicant possesses. If the candidate is experienced, it is advisable to list down the skills in a column format using bullet points. If the candidate is inexperienced, it is better to list down the skills in paragraph format.

Skills and qualifications differ from position to position. While writing IT resumes, different sections like technical skills and soft skills should be included.

Professional Experience

If you are an experienced campaigner, this is by far the most important section of your Resume Examples Philippines. Here is an opportunity to let the potential employer know about the relevant job responsibilities you have shouldered in the past; but your work history should not go back for more than 10 years unless you have held a relevant job position even before that.

While writing the names of the companies you have worked with and the periods of your past employments, follow a fixed format and be consistent with that. Using bullet points and listing down the performed tasks in the column format is recommended these days.

While it is not mandatory to follow the chronological style here, it is useful if the candidate has been performing similar kinds of job responsibilities in several past jobs. If the candidate has held various positions in the same organization, the name of the organization should come only once at the top followed by the various job responsibilities separated by the different periods.

In the case of inexperienced candidates or fresh college grads, it is better to focus on skills and internships rather than experience


It is advisable to list down the educational details in bullet points in column format. Here you can mention the relevant courses you completed and the degrees you attained. In most cases, reverse chronological order is ideal for this section as well.


It is debatable if one should include references in the résumé or not. Many experts think that a candidate should carry a separate copy of professional as well as personal references instead of including them in the résumé. has included a few references in many of the sample résumés. However, the candidate is free to decide whether to go with or without references.

This is the most current Resume Examples Philippines appreciated by recruiters and experienced professionals. Follow the same and a handsome job will follow you.